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by Ruth Malan





February 2019


2019 OReilly Software Architecture Conference NYC: Visual Design and Architecture

Presentation Slides


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Annotated Presentation Slides

Slides and Annotations. Note: broken into parts because with the slides as images accompanied by annotations, it makes for a big download. Even split into parts, it's a lot to download, so don't use cellular to access unless unlimited plan and lots of patience hitting refresh. :-)

Part i. Slides and Annotations: Introduction and Context setting around Design in Agile; Decisions and Constraints; Decisions and Tradeoffs; Getting to know the domains (contexts of use, development and operations, value partners and others); Design and expressions of system value, capabilities and properties

Part ii. Slides and Annotations: Why Visual Matters to Design, some exemplars we can learn from, and lessons we can draw about why we need to bring visual models back into our design toolkit (some already do, obviously, but why more of us need to)

Part ii. Slides: All the slides are here, but this section still needs to be annotated. It covers architectural design of the system (internals). More to follow.

All, Parts i, ii and iii. Warning: this is a big file to download as there are lots of images due to all the slides. Parts i and ii, slides with annotations and Part iii, just slides so far. This is where I am working, so if you want the most up-to-date version, this is it.

And the full annotated slides as a pdf.




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