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Organizational Dynamics for Technical Leaders Masterclass

This masterclass addresses the organizational and social aspects of leading teams. It completes the triad of classes that have replaced our Software Architecture Workshop for remote delivery. It also pairs well with our Technical Leadership Masterclass (there is some overlap in context setting, but otherwise the focus is different).

Organizational DynamicsChallenges and Modeling

We explore leadership demands and challenges in technology-intensive system design and evolution. And we practice some tools that help discern, shape and attain more the organizational outcomes and impact, that our various teams are striving for. These include making cultural features and organizational forces (and impedances) more visible and understood, with guidance and collaborative modeling-informed practices to help respond and adapt.


Preview Material

We will add preview material soon. In the meantime, here is a chapter/module from our Technical Leadership Masterclass [pdf]: Decisions and Technical Leadership



This is a new Masterclass in this format. But here is a sampling of feedback on our other masterclasses:

"I’ll be back! I enjoyed every minute and the materials are fantastic" -- Paula Paul

"@ruthmalan and @DanaBredemeyer ’s technical leadership masterclass has meaningful material delivered with context that’s both relevant and thought provoking for rising leaders. Their sage wisdom with references has altered my professional reading list for several months to come." -- Michael Wojciechowski

"the class, format, and the materials were fantastic. I learned immensely and also validated some previous thoughts. Already using the learning and the materials for a Tech Lead group I run at work. Looking into the architecture class in Chicago in October." -- Martin Bertolino

Organizational Effectiveness

We explore a range of topics and practices that fall under soft skills, and have to do with being more effective as we lead, collaborate and partner with others. Topics and practice areas include:

  • Self-awareness, self-management
  • Empathy and other-awareness
  • Relationships, trust and teams; cultivating teams, diversity and cohesion
  • Persuasion and Influence; Negotiation, Disagreement and conflict
  • Sociology of organizations and culture
  • Nudges, enabling constraints
  • Coaching and facilitating, feedback
  • Coping with uncertainty and organizational stressors
  • Ethical considerations



Anyone in technical leadership, including architects, product owners and product managers, senior designers, senior developers, CTOs and CIOs. This mix gives the masterclass a variety of perspectives and experience sets. The learning differs -- these different roles and their demands differ; however, it brings into the discussion the importance of partnering across scopes.

Open Enrollment Masterclass

Remote Open Enrollment in 2021:

Remote masterclasses will combine 2 zoom sessions (on the dates/times given) and some asynchronous work (videos and readings, and async discussion).

Instructors: Ruth Malan and/or Dana Bredemeyer

To enroll

Tickets can be purchased on Eventbrite. Please email for more information.


US$600.00 per student. Early enrollment discounts ($200) are available when a masterclass is first opened to enrollment.

We offer bundled pricing for the Strategy, System Design, and Organizational Dynamics classes, when booked together. Email to enroll in all three.

We offer discounted pricing for alumni of our other workshops and masterclasses, and purchase parity pricing. Scholarships are available to BIPOC and those who have lost jobs under COVID and need the aid. Email or DM Ruth Malan on twitter to arrange.

In-House Masterclasses

Most of our training is on-site at client organizations. Pricing depends on number of students taking the class. Please contact us for details.



Alternatively, you can contact Ruth Malan on twitter.

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