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Visual Architecting Action Guide Book

by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer

We are writing a book for software architects that is short and oriented to guiding action. It has two parts, with the first part providing context and a guide to the process. The second part is the full set of Action Guides, one for each discrete technique, model or template that is used in the Visual Architecting Process. The drafts below are undergoing substantial revision, and missing chapters are in progress. [9/3/11: We're reworking this content into a format we're very excited about.]

Table of Contents

Part I: Software Architecture and the Visual Architecting Process

Chapter 1. Software Architecture: Central Concerns, Key Decisions

Chapter 2. The Visual Architecting Process: Good, Right and Successful

Chapter 3. Initiate and Gain Commitment: Getting Started

Chapter 4. Meta-Architecture: Getting Strategic

Chapter 5. Conceptual Architecture: Getting the Big Chunks Right

Chapter 6. Logical Architecture: Getting Precise, Making Actionable

Chapter 7. Execution Architecture: Getting Physical

Chapter 8. Architecture Guideline and Policies: Getting Specific

Chapter 9. Architecture Deployment: Getting Real


Part II: Software Architecture Action Guides

Here are some examples of what we call Action Guides:


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