A Trace in the Sand

by Ruth Malan





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I made this!Traces in the Rear View Mirror

Here are a few traces that give a glimpse of the scope and contribution of the work:

Sometimes traces were short, but dense with direct import, like:

At other times, traces were a loose weave of insights in the warp of our field, along with some Ruf (that's woof, with a lisp):

Sometimes the traces were more like a key into Alice's Wonderland, creating a playscape for insight, rather than a closed dictation. The Accidental Iteration trace, for instance, invites communicating across the divides between persons, which depends on collaborations and iterations (including, and this is the important surprise and insight of the trace, mishearing and misapprehension) on meaning that can make new senses, new inventions, possible.

"The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think." Edwin Schlossberg

It was a good thing. There are other things to do. Will I write? I truly don't know.

"simply ended lots of ending" -- Richard Hugo